Our Philosophy

With the down turn in the economy, we at Dowell Automotive understand that our customers aren’t just looking for affordability, but they’re also looking for the best value.

We offer the best value, bar none.

At Dowell Automotive, what sets us apart is that we firmly believe that “best value” means far more than just the cheapest job in town.

We give the highest quality service at a fair price.

When a customer calls in for an estimate, we don’t ask how much the other guys are charging.
We give them our honest and fair price, and a lot of times, it’s lower than the other guys.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is simple. At Dowell Automotive, you’ll get best service of anyone around.

That’s because we are the leading edge of repair shops in the area.
No other shop in the region has as many factory level tools designed to speak your vehicle’s language.

At Dowell Automotive, we can talk to more cars than anyone.

We work on all makes and models. European, Asian, Domestic, Medium Duty Trucks, Ambulances, Fleets, Fire Trucks, and more. That’s why when customers ask what we do here, it’s easier to tell them what we don’t do.

– Dan Dowell, Owner