Fleet Maintenance & Service

Our Fleet Services and Facilities are without a doubt the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art of anyone around.

Owning and operating your own business is a difficult task. It’s even more difficult when you have an entire fleet of vehicles that must remain in constant working condition.

At Dowell Automotive, your fleet is in good hands. We have factory-level equipment designed to repair and maintain large vehicles that no one else has.

We also have the latest fuel-efficient technologies that can cut your monthly fuel costs.

At Dowell Automotive, we fully understand that the livelihood of you, the owner, and your business or enterprise can depend almost entirely on your vans or trucks working when you need them to.

That’s why we’ve recently greatly expanded the capacity and equipment of our facilities to fully accommodate all sizes of fleet vans and trucks, tractors, fire trucks and ambulances.

So you’ll never again have to worry about how to maintain your fleet.